Tuesday, May 31, 2016


I'm trying to add more sounds within the text of my picture books.  Sounds add another layer to the story and are something that can't be shown in the illustrations.  It has been a lot of fun and sometimes downright frustrating.  How do you describe an explosion?  A breaking dish?  A flat tire?  I find myself whispering different sound effects to try to figure out what works best.  I may have lost my mind.  Zoooop!  Poof!

I was finishing up critiques before my group meets tomorrow when I had a complete brain fart.  I was trying to describe a chicken sound.  Yes, I know the sound a chicken makes.  Why can I not think how to spell it?  Bauk? Buk? Buuoook? bhuuk? Bok?  I'm getting desperate... cluck, cluck.  Forget it,  (insert chicken sound here).  Nailed it.  Kachow!

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