Thursday, March 2, 2017

#50 Precious Words Contest Entry

My Mom is a Ninja (50 words)
By Megan Haslem Jones

Problem solver.
I think Mom is a ninja.
Accurate throws.
Cuts, chops, dices.
Ninja scream.
She must be a ninja.
“Powerful kicks,” I overhear.
Stretchy clothing.
Afternoon meditation.
She IS a ninja!
“Mom, I know your secret.”
“Excited? Future big brother!”
Not a ninja.

Thank you, Vivian Kirkfield for organizing this fun event.  Writing a story in only 50 words has helped me to grow as a writer.  I had to evaluate and analyze each word more than I usually do.  Not being able to use illustration notes added another layer of fun.  I used all 50 words in this version.  Previously drafts were a little shorter, but this version is my favorite.

For more information about this contest (and other awesome kid lit info) check out

Wow, there are so many talented and creative writers participating in this contest.  I think I'll spend the rest of the day reading all the fun entries.

Chapter Book Challenge

March is turning out to be a busy month.  It is only the 2nd!  I'm pushing myself to try new things.  I usually write picture books, but I'm writing early chapter books this month, too.  My original idea was too long for a picture book.  So I'll try it out as an early reader with the possibility of it turning into a series.  We will see where the month takes me.  For more info check out:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Storystorm 2017

This was my first year participating in Storystorm.  It has been so much fun.  I highly recommend it. Mark your calendars for January 1, 2018.  I'd write more but I have 35 new ideas calling my name for some love and attention.  Until I can write more, check out it is a gold mine of information.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why do I write?

Honestly, the first answer that comes to mind is that I write for my sanity.  I've always had a job and been enrolled in college.  Almost always at the same time.  You can't put the cart before the horse and you can't pay for college without money.  Now, I get to be home with my two adorable, busy sons.  I am so glad that I get this time with them and that I can be home with them for every giggle, tear, snuggle, and memory.  That also means I am home for every bad day, tantrum, poop bomb, and mess.  The good far outweighs the bad.  I promise.  Sometimes by the end of the day, I need some sanity.  I need quiet time.  I need to not have someone smearing who knows what on my shirt sleeve.

I've always loved writing.  I've recently found old stories that I wrote years ago.  About a year ago, I told my husband I need a hobby.  A real hobby.  I chose to pursue writing.  At first, my theory was that it is easier to pull out a laptop or a piece of paper than drag out art supplies or practice the piano while my babies sleep.  One day I hope to work on those other hobbies, but writing is my main goal now.

One of my dreams has always been to write children's picture books.  I researched online, read books, and started putting my thoughts to paper.  A funny thing happened.  I love it.  I have the writing bug and I can't stop.  I lucked out by finding a local critique group.  I was absolutely terrified to go to that first critique, but I am so glad I did.  The members were so welcoming and kind.  The first story I shared that night was terrible.  It was, really.  I know it was.  One day I will go back and revise it.  Since then I've joined official organizations, made amazing connections within the writing community, and even entered a writing contest (more on that later).

Here is to my sanity.  What helps you keep your sanity?