Thursday, March 2, 2017

#50 Precious Words Contest Entry

My Mom is a Ninja (50 words)
By Megan Haslem Jones

Problem solver.
I think Mom is a ninja.
Accurate throws.
Cuts, chops, dices.
Ninja scream.
She must be a ninja.
“Powerful kicks,” I overhear.
Stretchy clothing.
Afternoon meditation.
She IS a ninja!
“Mom, I know your secret.”
“Excited? Future big brother!”
Not a ninja.

Thank you, Vivian Kirkfield for organizing this fun event.  Writing a story in only 50 words has helped me to grow as a writer.  I had to evaluate and analyze each word more than I usually do.  Not being able to use illustration notes added another layer of fun.  I used all 50 words in this version.  Previously drafts were a little shorter, but this version is my favorite.

For more information about this contest (and other awesome kid lit info) check out

Wow, there are so many talented and creative writers participating in this contest.  I think I'll spend the rest of the day reading all the fun entries.


  1. Poor kid. Searches for a ninja and finds . . . a baby. I could see an amazing ending illustration of Mom as a pregnant Ninja. Great job telling a detective story in 50 words!

  2. So cute, loved the ending!

  3. Ha Ha. I think all moms are ninjas. And poor big brother! Sounds like he'll have to get used to the idea.

  4. Ninja mom's are the best. Good luck!

  5. Ninja mom's are the best. Good luck!

  6. glad you are having fun with the challenge...I love what you did here! Great tension...pacing...and the ending is priceless!

  7. me:
    It's time to pick your prize. ;)